Diane Arbus Exhibit

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SFMoma currently has a Diane Arbus exhibit and I headed up to check it out. If you are interested in Street Photography at all I would highly recommend looking into her work. This exhibit is amazing and is focused on the first eight years of her artistic career and comprises half of her printed works.

I was familiar with some of Ms Arbus’ work but I had never seen so much of it. I was struck by the intimacy and emotion of the photos. Arbus definitely seems to have formed connections with a majority of her subjects and it shows. So many of her subjects display a quiet dignity.

She definitely preferred to be in closer with her subjects. For the most part they fill the frame and the backgrounds are beyond the depth of field. Please look her up!

Interestingly, I hit up The Bird before seeing the show. Somehow I missed the landing but had learned of it from Thomas Hawk’s photography blog. Thanks Thomas! My suggestion is to get there early.

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