In Bruges

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Teen traveling tip #1

Unlike the lead character of “In Bruges” my son and I had less than a day to take in Bruges (aka Brugge). Despite the short stay it was here that I figured out a neat traveling trick. All photographers know that traveling with friends / family is tough. Unlike you they don’t want to spend the whole day taking photos. Teenagers do, however, like to sleep! It was in Bruges that I realized I could wake up on the early side and get some great photography time in while my son slept.

Bruges is definitely a neat city and I wish we had more time to spend there. Do to some train mistakes we ended up getting in incredibly late. But we were due in Amsterdam the next day so it couldn’t be helped.

There were a crazy number of walking tours going on. Everywhere I went were these parades of people following numbers.

Bruges starts out pretty quiet. There are a lot of empty streets and even sleepy swans. But it doesn’t last long. Before you know it the main square is quite literally milling with throngs of people and the town has a very different, bustling feel. I do wish we had more time to see more sites and eat more chocolate. Next time…

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