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“Letting Go of the Camera,” by Brooks Jensen of Lenswork fame is full of a lot of photography wisdom. In one of the essays he undertakes the challenge of printing his 100 best photos. During this process he learns a great deal about many things other than printing. For instance the importance of organization and the honing of ones style. Recently I finally broke down a bought a “real printer.” The straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back was preparing for the Moab Photography Symposium (full disclosure: not a single print saw the light of day!) but I am now incredibly glad that I acquired the printer. I have not yet undertaken Brooks’ 100 photo journey but I wanted to share something that I stumbled on: print 4×6!!

This does not sound terribly profound but I have to say it is quickly changing my photography. Inkjet printers need to be used to work properly so in truth I bought the paper thinking it would be useful for printing things out for our kids and keeping the printer head clog free. Instead it has lowered the bar to what I feel is worth printing because the cost of the paper and the ink to cover it is relatively low. Now I don’t hesitate to print. In fact I will print several versions of the same photo! Not sure which photos from a shoot are best? Print the contenders. I am finding looking at prints to be incredibly instructive. For reasons I don’t quite understand a photo that looks “ok” on screen is easy to dismiss when I see it on paper. Somehow I can parse the composition better. Also, comparing different versions of photos is helping me figure out what my preferred style really is (Brooks Jensen has a lot of useful things to say on this as well!). It is proving to be incredibly valuable and I would encourage you to give it a try!

Now I just need to figure out what to do with the prints when I am done with them…

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