San Francisco Science March

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At the last minute I decided to head up to San Francisco to attend the March for Science. I am decidedly pro-science but a big part of why I wanted to go was I figured it would be a interesting place to take some photos. As I had hoped, creating content for the blog was enough of a reason to get myself to do get out and take photos.

Again I am not completely happy with the photos. One thing I am starting to think is that 28mm is a bit too wide for me. I am a big fan of shooting with prime lenses which I will get into at some point but these were taken with a 28 and they all feel a bit too wide. Now one possibility is that my introvert ways are preventing me from getting close enough and I am willing to concede this is perhaps part of the problem but I also think that 35mm may be a better match to my eye and tastes. We shall look at this more in depth as time goes by.

Another thing that I will get into more as time goes on is the “DSLR factor.” I had hoped people at the march would be less timid about having their photo taken and this proved to be true. I very much like taking photos of people and I have found that aiming a DSLR with a size-able lens at people tends to intimidate them. I also have a Fuji X100 and find that this does not garner anywhere near the same intimidation as my Nikon. Consider this foreshadowing.

So the good news is the blog is getting me to take more photos! The “bad” news is more photos need to be taken. I ran into a quote recently that is resonating:

If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate.Thomas J Watson


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