Going to new lengths

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35mm Experiment
Strange Gallery

For every dead Frenchman genius declaring you must use a fixed length 50mm there is a modern day photographer who swears you need a superzoom. The truth of the matter is you need to find what works for you. With my blog inspired quest to improve my photography I recently obtained a 35mm f2 lens. I did look into its more expensive sisters but chose this due to its size (small!) and due to the fact that its performance is not that different than its siblings.

Victorian Lion

I headed into the city to try it out and to practice street photography. In general I found that I definitely prefer 35mm to 28mm as I had expected. The field of view just seems more natural and easier to “handle.” In my continuing quest to be open and perhaps cathartic I will admit that I missed at least five shots because I was too chicken to take them. Those photos will require some more interaction than I have heretofore been uncomfortable with. I have some plans to improve this and I will share them as I put them into action.


If you are interested in trying some different lens options I would recommend renting. Places like borrow lenses offer a fairly inexpensive way to try before you buy. Your local camera shop may have something as well.

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