The Others

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Being happy with what you have

Society today seems preoccupied with “the other” more than ever. What is Facebook but an unending stream of what other people are doing? Instagram is more of the same though the most followed accounts belong to celebrity “others.”

A walk down the street shows this obsession occupies a great deal of the day. Every where you look people are peering into “the other” rather than actually living their lives or talking to people next to them.

In photography the preoccupation with “the other” takes the form of a fixation with the newest gear. A quick peek at the “top photo web sites” shows article after article reviewing why that camera you don’t have is so great or the photos you could take if you only had this new lens.

To be sure this is not new. The grass has always been greener on the other side but technology allows us to dwell there, to live our lives in our neighbors yard. In light of this we now need to actively avoid it. Put that phone down and smell the flowers or talk to that person next to you! Instead of obsessing about that new camera you don’t have why not take the one you already have out and take some photos.

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