A Walk on the Black and White Side

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Colorless Street Photography

I love black and white photography. Somehow it often reveals more about an image than a color version. In the world of digital photographers can now promote or demote specific colors after the photo is captured in a way we could never dream of doing in a darkroom.

I took to the hills of San Francisco to get some more practice in with the new 35mm. It continues to feel like a better fit over the 28mm for me. At some point I will have have to repeat this experiment with my 50mm.

Eric Kim writes one of the blogs I’ve been reading and is a fan of “P Mode” on your camera. His point is you won’t miss a shot because your camera is configured incorrectly. This is one way to go but it made me think of something I learned from Peter Turnley at his workshop. He taught us to adjust our camera settings as we encountered new lighting as we walked around the city. This way the camera is always ready when something catches your eye. In other words you get the preparedness of the “P Mode” but with the settings you want. It is so simple but so effective. Give it a try!

I found this spot at the end of a highway walkway. When I first came down I was struck by the curve and thought there had to be an interesting photo somewhere. I tried looking at a few angles but it wasn’t until later when I saw somebody climbing the ramp that I found my angle. There is something very interesting about how the sky somehow flips on top of the background in the upper right corner.

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