Why Do You Shoot?

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Street Photography Festival

The internet is a funny place. You can spend endless time searching for photographers you might like and events you might wish to attend only to come up blank. Then one day stumble on something big happening in your back yard! I had already booked a trip when I stumbled upon Street Foto, a street photography festival happening right here in San Francisco.

I’m going to miss most of it but I was able to drop in on a photo walk led by Casper and attended by an interesting crew of photographers . We spent two hours wandering around the financial district which is not an area that I have spent a lot of time in so it was new even for me.

A few hours later two talks officially kicked off the festival. The two speakers could not have been more different. Aaron Berger stepped through some of his work and spoke to the images he had chosen to bring. As he stepped through his photos he detailed his approach and gave some self analysis which I found quite interesting. Vineet Vohra also spoke and had a very unconventional style. He spent most of his time asking questions of the audience. His first question was “why do you shoot?” I confess I don’t have a great answer for this yet but I will be working on one.

As of tomorrow I am off on a trip to Europe. I’m not sure how often I will be able to update the site but I will be taking photos!

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