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Shooting In The City Of Light

Paris is a magical city. If you like street photography it is also the home of the legendary Cartier-Bresson which only adds to it mystique. Ever since I took a photography class with Peter Turnley and paged through his Paris book I’d been eager to go. I had never been to Paris so when the chance arose to get some work done and see this epic city at the same time, I jumped.

The friend / coworker I was visiting took me down to the Seine for a picnic on my first night in town. With the sun setting behind Notre Dame, a nice bottle of Rosé, excellent company, and great food including some amazing fromage (sorry Chloe) it was simply a marvelous evening.

My friend lent me his bike pass for my stay. All over Paris there are banks of bikes that you can use to get from one place to another. Apart from the occasional issue this is a wonderful way to get around town, at least once you learn how to move through traffic.

I love the differences between a culture I am visiting and the one I live in. And Paris has a bounty of differences from the West coast of USA. I am a huge food lover and the Parisian approach to food is a rich source of difference. To be sure there are gastronomic peaks to be found in Paris but I especially like how the standard of food, even in the humblest of shops, is superb.

In the US there is a stereotype that the French are all rude and, to be honest, I was a bit worried about this. In my experience this could not be further from reality. Pretty much everyone I met was incredibly welcoming and friendly. This may be partially due to my months of trying to learn French and some of the social norms but given how bad my french is I doubt it.

I didn’t get as much time to photography as I would have liked because I was actually working but I I loved the time I had to walk the different neighborhoods and get to know the city.

A few times I headed out with a particular site in mind but for the most part I just headed to one of the central neighborhoods and wandered the streets, getting to know the city and how to move around it.

In terms of photographs I got a few that I like. I definitely continue to enjoy shooting street photography and am getting better at finding and taking photos that I am happier with. As with most things practice seems to be helping especially when you enjoy the practice.

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